The Live COI

Smart Certificates of Insurance 

for the Modern Workforce

Bunker's Live COI takes the information you're accustomed to seeing in a PDF and turns it into a living document. That means contractors can easily update and share their Live COI with unlimited requirers for free, and it will reflect any changes or cancellations in real time, notifying the certificate holder instantly when someone becomes non-compliant.

What's the Live COI

We really appreciate that Bunker has taken a fresh approach to solving a significant challenge, ensuring protection for independent talent is vital for a compliant and protected workforce. Instant insurance and the Live COI are truly a game-changer for the collaboration with the enterprise. This initiative will ultimately create compliant economic opportunity across the entire ecosystem.

- Marcus Sawyer, CEO, YOSS


COIs expire every month


Contractors can share their COI in less than 30 seconds!


Reduced chance of insurance fraud

Why go live?

In a PDF form, a certificate of insurance and proof of insurance are not the same thing. A COI can only tell you the coverage that a contractor had on the day the PDF was exported. If their requirements change, their coverage changes, or their policy is cancelled, there is no way for the document to reflect those changes. Best case scenario, they send you another PDF to keep on file. Worst case scenario, they quietly become non-compliant leaving both parties at risk. 

With the Live COI, you get:

  • A fraud-proof way to track active insurance policies
  • Instant Notifications 
  • Real-Time Status Updates 
  • Easy, Online Sharing 
  • Unlimited Storage


How much does this cost me?

Nothing! The Live COI is free to any policyholder who purchases insurance through Bunker, or uploads their COI to the platform. You will never be charged to create, update, or share your Live COI. Enterprises can access Live COIs with a free Bunker account.

How do I access my contractor's Live COI?

Live COIs can be accessed through the Bunker Platform. You'll receive an email when a contractor purchases coverage, with a link to their Live COI. This is an official record of coverage, just as the PDF version would be - but in a dynamic form. The Live COI is the only way to be 100% certain that your contractors are compliant at any given time. 

Do I need a Bunker account?

You don’t need a Bunker account to view a contractor’s Live COI. Simply click the link they’ve shared with you for a summary of their coverage. If you’d like a more in depth look at their policy, choose a password and create an account in one easy step. To monitor the compliance of multiple contractors from the compliance dashboard, sign up for a Bunker Pro Plan. You'll also be able to  view it in your preferred tracking system with Bunker's Integrations.

What information is included in the Live COI?

The Live COI includes all of the relevant information about a policy holder, including contact information, limits, start and expiration dates, and carrier information. 

Why am I no longer receiving a PDF by default?

The Live COI is an official record of coverage, just like the PDF version. Because a PDF can’t be updated to reflect policy changes or cancellations, the Live COI is the only way to be 100% certain of the coverage your contractors currently have. Defaulting to the Live COI, rather than a PDF version, can increase insurance compliance across your company by 40%. 

If a contractor uploads their COI, can I view their coverage?

Yes! Their COI will be turned into a living document as well, and can be monitored from your Bunker account. 

Can an additional insured be added to a Live COI?

Yes! You can add an Additional Insured and share the Live COI any time, at the click of a button. 

Can I still get an ACORD certificate?

Yes. You can request an ACORD certificate from one of our Bunker Insurance Advisors at any time, or download from your account. 

Who can view a contractor's Live COI?

Your Live COI can be viewed by anyone you share it with from the platform. After you've purchased insurance or uploaded a COI, you can share it with anyone requiring proof of insurance. Any changes, additions, or cancellations will be reflected in the Live COI, so you only have to worry about sending proof of insurance once per contract. 

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